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The Indian casino industry is arguable the biggest in Asia. This can be put to the huge population they boast of, and the plethora of online casino operators in the country. Online roulette remains the favorite casino games among Indians, because of its sophisticated nature and the ease of gambling.

Let's look at the laws regulating gambling in the country, online roulette india, its variants and the top online roulette sites in India.

Introducing online roulette

Roulette has been a traditional casino game offered by many traditional gambling houses. It consists of a wheel, balls, and a board you can roll it on. For online roulette, it is the virtual version of traditional gambling online India roulette. This game is more of a hybrid between chance and skill games.

Players target making a wise decision in choosing a number or color. The person in charge of a roulette is a croupier who takes the bet before the game commences. The numbers to choose from are from 0 to 36, while the colors are either black or Red.

Types of online roulette available

There are several categories of online roulette available on betting sites, they are

American roulette

This is one of the first versions of roulette. It has an additional pocket which makes it two. It is more difficult to win because it makes the house edge higher. However, like all things in America, the board of American roulette is big, and they offer huge odds.

European roulette

This version of online roulette is smaller, however, it has only one zero. It gives better RTPs for players meaning the bookmakers have a lower house edge, great returns, and huge payouts. The European roulette remains your easiest version to wager on, in fact many Europeans and Asians prefer this roulette game type because it offers the easiest way to make a profit.

French roulette

This has similar characteristics to European roulette, but when you play it, you will notice slight changes. The French roulette is offered mostly in France and Canadian online casinos. The house edge of this roulette game is 1.40% while that of the European is 2.9%.

Is gambling legal in India?

Gambling in India over the years has been subjected to many assumptions because of the unclear nature of the game. Before gambling on online roulette and other casino games, you need to understand laws regulating betting. Betting laws in the country started with the Gambling act of 1867, which says the federal government is empowered to regulate betting activities in the country. The bill also gave all Indian states the ability to make bills for gambling as long as it doesn't go against the federal government. There wasn't any specification on games to play or not.

Moreover, the Bombay Prohibition act of 1887 was introduced to put a distinction between strategy games and chance games. This act bans all chance games in India and only allowed some selected skill games. The revenue from gambling encouraged Indian states like Diu, Darman, and Goa. They came together to enact the Goa, Diu, and Darman gambling bill of 1957. The bill allowed all casino games to wager in these three regions, however, all chance games remained banned.

As emerging technologies continue came the Internet act of 2000 which states that all online transactions should be regulated by the state authorities and all fraudulent transactions banned. Following up with these Indian laws, we can deduce that there isn't a specific law prohibiting gambling and none allowing it. Indian players can check this government report on gambling provides more clear picture on gambling laws in India.

This fuzzy situation has allowed many foreign bookies to keep offering games to Indians without trouble.

How to choose the best online roulette websites?

There are certain things to consider before playing on online roulette websites in India, they are

  • Website interface

Before betting with roulette game online casino, it is best to pick a website whose interface is sleek and easy to use. Not all websites have a good Ui/Ux design, choosing an Indian roulette website with a fully functional site is important.

  • Considerable odds

Odds are statistics algorithm which decides the probability of an event. Always go for an online roulette website that provides big odds, to increase your chance of winning big.

  • Bonuses

All gambling websites offer a form bonus or the other. There are different types of bonuses which are sign up, no deposits, free spin, and rolls.

  • Quick payouts

Not all payments offer payouts fast. Consider betting with bookmakers who quickly process payments. The ability to collect your winnings quickly is very important and not all casinos can do this.

  • Excellent technical support

Support agents act as help whenever players run into payment problems or other technical glitches. Use platforms where their customers support are great and available 24/7.

  • RNG

The random number generator is a software which allows fairness in casino games. Not all casinos have this software, only reliable Indian roulette websites can boast of this algorithm.

The best Indian online roulette casinos

Based on the above indices, here are the best betting platforms for roulette in India, you can get:


Genesis Casino is a top online casino roulette in India that provides Indians with excellent gambling opportunities. Their website is smooth and easily accessible, they have fantastic odds, and you can play roulette online India casino games easily.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas online casino provides Indians with the best roulette casino online services available. A pro of this website is that their withdrawal and deposit options are quick and safe and registration is easy. Talking with a customer support agent is possible because they can be seen virtually on social networks. Playing online roulette games yields more profit on this platform.


Bet365 is a world-renowned online casino as they have been in the business for years. Players can get all versions of casino roulette game and payment can be done using rupees or other denominations.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda betting platform is your best bet for betting on online roulette real money india games. They have RNG which makes betting fair and free from tampering. They offer games produced by top game developers like NetEnt, IGT, bettrader, and Microgaming.

Betting on online roulette is a sure way of making money in India, however, knowing factors to consider before betting and top Indian roulettes casino online platforms to wager makes wagering easier.