Cricket Betting Online at the Best Bookies

Cricket Betting Online

India's love for cricket is unparalleled because they have cult-like followers for the game. This has led to an increase in gambling in cricket events and markets. Due to the immense Indians following large games, cricket gambling provides a huge opportunity for online bookies to get new players.

This guide will look at cricket betting online, how to bet on cricket, top events in cricket that people can wager on, and factors to look out for when choosing the best cricket bookies online.

Gambling laws in India

Many Indians are worried about betting in the country due to complicated India's law about gambling. Let's look at some gambling laws in the country. Legislation of any kind on gambling activities started with the betting law of 1868 which was introduced by the Indian government to give them some power over citizens betting behavior. This act also delegates some authorities to the federating states giving them some authority over gambling in their respective states.

The next law was the Bombay Prohibition bill of 1887 which was necessitated because there wasn't a clear distinction in games covered by the 1868 act. The Prohibition bill grouped games into strategy and chance games. It frowned heavily at all chance games and gave limited permission to some strategy games. However, it allowed the government to operate state-run lotteries across the states.

There wasn't any legal activity again, till 1976 when some states like Sikkim, Goa, and Diu discovered that they could make some money on gambling in their states. While Goa and Diu came up with the Goa, Diu and Darman gambling act of 1976 which gives the states the authority to issue licenses to those who wanted to operate gambling.

Furthermore, the Indian government came with the information technology act of 2000 which aims wants to regulate online transactions, due to a lot of cyber frauds on the rampage. This law while not against online gambling, allows bookies to report any underage or suspicious payments to the authorities.

The state of Sikkim came with the Sikkim act of 2005 which allowed casinos' operation in the state. They are allowed only to offer lotteries and some skill games. Later the Sikkim public act of 2000 was introduced to allow online gambling when the operator servers are in the state. We can see that Indian players have can bet without hindrance, as there isn't any law yet against gambling on online cricket.

What you should look out for when betting online at the best Indian bookies?

With the plethora of betting platforms offering numerous markets to Indians, players should look out for some things before betting:

  • Payment methods

Using a plethora of payment options makes wagering on online cricket faster and easier. Payment options to be considered include PayPal, Paytm, bank wire and credit card.

  • Numerous Bonuses

Bonuses are offers that give customers a certain opportunity to bet without using real money. Depending on the bookie you use, bonuses include a welcome bonus, free spins, and deposit offers.

  • Licensing

To be on the safe side whenever there are disputes, only wager with bookies who have been giving betting licenses. This proves they are legal and can be sued when any problem arises. Recommended gambling regulators are Gibraltar gaming commission, MGA, and UK betting commission.

Online cricket betting tournaments available

Here are some cricket tournaments

Indian Premier League

This is the dream cricket event of the majority of Indians because it brings together the top cricket states in the country. This cricketing event offers numerous promises for those who want to make a profit in cricket. The league has some nice markets offered by online cricket bookies. Using an IPL betting online bookie allows you to get the best from this event.

Pakistan Super League

This is the league India neighbor's, Pakistan engage in yearly. Pakistan is also a top Indian powerhouse and has some great players. Top Indian bookmakers give some huge odds on betting options when this cricket betting session starts.

ICC Cricket World Cup

This tournament brings all top cricket player countries together to compete against one another. The ICC is a tournament that lasts for weeks and usually interesting. Bookies offer live stream features and some splendid markets for the world cup. Players can use some cricket online betting app to wage well on this event.


Ashes is a test series that brings England and Australia together. Both teams compete against one another in a single day to know who is the best. Many betting options are available on the ashes. Visit Cricbuzz for latest news about cricket tournaments and other betting information.

The Best bookies that offer cricket betting online

Here are some recommended Indian bookies to use:

Come on

Come on is a cricket online betting excellent platform where Indians can bet online on numerous games. They have good odds and have great website designs. At this bookie, you can deposit and withdraw easily anytime you like. Their cricket betting apps makes gambling on this platform easy. There are some free cricket betting available for new customers.

Europa Casino

Europa Casino is a good bookie where many cricket markets are offered. They also provide customers with the opportunity to watch live cricket matches. Aside from cricket, you get to wager on casino games like slots, bingo, baccarat, and poker. Their technical support is always available to take care of your needs. A live cricket betting pro makes gambling on this platform better.


This international bookie provides excellent gambling services to Indians who want to make some money online. Currency isn't a problem, as they allow transactions in Indian rupees and other foreign currencies. Their house edge on other games is low, and they provide a live cricket betting options.

Leo Vegas

They have been in the gambling business for years and attend to Indian's gambling needs without failing. You can bet on any cricket tournament of your choice at great odds. Their live chat feature allows you to talk directly to their customer service. The cricket bet rate on this bookmaker has increased in recent times due to amazing markets.

Betway India

Betway remains a top gambling operator in the world when it comes to online gambling. They are in more than 60 countries with decades of gambling experience. Using this best bookie allows you to have access to their games. Their casino games are from top developers like BetSoft, NetEnt, and Microgaming.

Cricket betting online remains a good avenue of making profits on cricket tournaments in India. However, before indulging, players must be understanding the legal situation in India, and use only recommended best bookies to bet on cricket.